The Survey Says....

by Joel Firmin

For the second year in a row, the OSMFLL has decided to hold a player's survey. The point of this survey is to hear what everyone thought of the most recent season and to help guide us in the right direction for 2023. here are some of the answers that we'd like to share with you.

This year's survey had 71 responses. This was 5 more than last year's survey. 

9/10 was the average response to this question. A little down from last year's 9.1 score, but we are still happy with the overall response.

8.1/10 was the average score for this question. As anticipated, the boys from London were not happy with not having a home weekend this year. However, the majority of the other responses felt that the league did a great job of keeping the games in a central location as last year we received a score of 7.8. 

when you add a new team to the league that finishes in the top 5, the chances are that the overall skill of the league has improved. that's exactly how our players felt since the average score for this question increased to 7.7 from 7.3 in 2021.

as anticipated, there was an increase in university (NCAA & CUFLA)grads entering our league in 2022. This is a trend that we hope to see for years to come.

after doing a deeper dive into our registrations, an astonishing 63 players played this summer on a Ontario senior series Lacrosse (Sr C) roster. 33 players registered with our league were also carded to a sr B team in 2022.  

a big social media push this season is the reason for this great response. respondents felt that the league did a much better job over last year as they scored us an 8.0/10 compared to last year's 7.3/10. we know that there's still more that we can improve upon. here's a few survey responses as to how we can accomplish that.

although a big chunk (22.5%) of the responders feel that the league is perfect at our current size. in order to make it a more competitive league, we need more teams to take part. here are the top cities that people feel should have an osmfll franchise. Oshawa 19.7%, brampton 15.5%, peterborough and centre wellington both with 9.9%, and Ottawa with 5.6% of the vote.

not really a big surpise here. for those that did say that they would be interested in helping out in some way, either your club rep or myself will be in touch.